Once the tray has reached the position of the in the press outfeed, the turn-over table flips the whole carpet of workpieces by 180º. During the turn over cycle, a vacuum system is activated in order to fix the carpet of doors under the turn over table. As soon as the flipper head has reached the final parking position the vacuum will be switched off and the doors can be trimmed by an operator within one step by using a special knife

  • Heavy-duty welded steel-frame construction to receive the machinery elements
  • Turn-over process hydraulically controlled
  • Turn-over table covered with plastics
  • Sealing rubber system for all 4 sides of turn-over table
  • Vacuum system for the turn-over table with connecting tubes
  • Turn-over cycle approx. 18 seconds
  • Size of stand approximately 3,5 x 5m
  • Power ca. 6kW

Extension of Electrical Control
Software adaptation to existing machine. Extension of electrical cabinet. Connecting cable to control cabinet and operating panel

Modification of Protection Fences and Safety Devices
Installation kit for adaption of the existing protection devices for safe operation of the line

So you trim your doors in a very short time, it speed up your production!!!!