With the new Gmatick Power PAD you clean the over-spray from your 3D-furniture doors in a simply, fast and easy way, without any chemical liquids and without any damage to the surface of the doors. Save time and money.

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  • Very quick and efficient cleaning of 3D furniture doors with the Gmatick power cleaning PAD
  • Save a lot of time in the cleaning process of the furniture doors, so you can say it is a time saver
  • In the Cleaning process we do not use any chemical cleaning liquids
  • The HBC is super light and very handy for the use
  • The Oil-free motor guarantees you the best cleaning results

Technical data of the HBC :

  • Plate and PADsize: Ø 152mm, 6”
  • Speed: 12000rpm
  • Weight: ca. 800 g
  • About air consumption: 500 l / min
  • Sound level: 76 dB(A)