With the Gmatick cutting unit GTS you cut the 3D-foils directly at the Membrane press on the needed length. The film is coming from the Paternoster or foil magazine and you cut it very easy and fast with that unit.

This cutting equipment is made for 100% exactly straight and quick cut of the films directly at the membrane press. The cutting unit is installed in a very short time to the press and an ionization bar can be installed at any time in the standard existing ionization Rod holder. Look also at our data sheet for the ionization.

Our cutting unit is available as a manual cutting unit = GTS-VM or as

Automatic cutting unit = GTS-VA

The automatic cutting unit is working electrically and is triggered by pressing the footswitch, as soon you have used the footswitch the knife runs from one side to the other side and you can put the film into the right position on the press table.


  • Quick and efficient cut
  • 100% Straight cut and thus you save a lot of foil
  • Space-saving unit
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4-manually cutting device