The foil storage Paternoster is suitable to use for the storage of all 3D-films, it is used as a high storage at the membrane press or as a space-saving storage solution for the 3D foils.

With our Paternoster you can storage on very small area approximately 2, 4m x 1, 2m a lot of film rolls (up to 32 rolls of a Ø 300 mm). The required film is thus immediately available at the push of button. Our Paternoster are available from 2.8 m up to 6, 0 m as standard Paternoster. Also special solutions are offered by us, please contact us, we will then find the right solution for your storage.

As additional equipment we offer center sleeves, a manual cutting station or the full automatic cutting device and we have also ionization solutions available at Gmatick.

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Paternoster (2)




2- Schneidemaschine-seite 8-3



Ionization bar


Ionizations gun

  • Storage rods ø 42.4 mm
  • Sleeves inside Ø max. 82 mm,.
  • Load chain as a hollow pin chain with a breaking load of 100 kN,
  • Chain pitch is 50 mm hole to hole and this is the raster for the positioning of the mounting foil bars.
  • Control with a key switch (dead man) for on / off
  • Rotational speed of the chain is approx. 5.5 m / min
  • Voltage 400 V, 3N; 50/60 Hz or as USA Version 480V 60Hz
  • Mains cable with CEKON plug 16A fuse protection (by the customer) 10A slow blow
  • ground load data at least 2, 2 kg / cm²
  • Side covering over the entire height of the Paternoster, guards from 2, 2 m above floor to top edge of the Paternoster.
  • Requirement for the installation of the Paternoster is a viable, flat and solid floor,
  • Floating floors you can’t install a Paternoster. It is forbidden
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